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This page contains the Latest News about Zombie Raiders.

A message from the devs

Hi there Raiders, devs speaking. We have been getting a lot of questions about the game development, so here's a quick info on the current and future situation of Zombie Raiders.

Q: The game is broken, bugged and lagging. Why? A: ZR uses a a game engine that was developed around 2014 specifically for this game, and is today a bit bloated and outdated.

Q: Then, why don't you use another engine? The best solution would be to migrate to another engine, but that means a complete game remake. We started doing that, but it proved to be a lot more work than anticipated.

Q: So, did you stop developing the game? A: No, we didn't. We have been trying many different solutions for the game's problems, but it's not an easy task to balance the current engine limitations, the small time frame we have to work on it, and the limited revenue the game generates, not enough to hire more workforce.

Q: Sounds like there is no hope for ZR? A: ZR is a "zombie" zombie game. It's constantly in the line between life and death, sometimes it looks more alive, sometimes it's about to die. Any sane developer would probably have shut down the game by now.

A handful of developers have worked on it, but now it's only 2 of us left. And our time is really short to give it the attention it deserves. Yet, there's still another update coming up. It's taking a long time, redoing things a lot, many failed tests, but it's not that far. Some new things are coming to ZR and it might give the game a little more survival time.